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The Problem of Mass Migration

is the name of the publication of the symposium „Migration – Asylum - Integration“ which was held in 1993 (!) organised by the Internationale Stiftung Humanum in Munich. At that time Professor Wolfgang Ockenfels wrote in his introduction: „For some years now there have been ever increasing signs that a new era of mass migration will soon be upon us.“

Let no-one say we could not have forseen it.

Now it can hardly be denied that people who have nothing to lose start upon a journey in search of safety and a better life. Movements of misery have become a surging current of asylum seekers.
At this point in time the task for each and everyone of us is to help wherever we can. For, if we all put our hand to it the integration will be successful and the Angst of losing something of our prosperity and our culture, which is so prevalent in our society, will disappear.

We are all called upon to commit ourselves for more justice and peace in this globalised world of ours so that living conditions may be such that no-one feels forced to leave their home.

In 2013 I took the initiative together with Welthungerhilfe und Soroptimist International of Germany to support a  provisional school for refugee children from Syria in the South-East of Turkey. We are now in a position to report that we have received almost 150.000 euros in donations for this Soroptimist project.
We are grateful for this and for all future support.
For more information, please visit: www.soroptimist.de
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